Tips for Using this Tool, Known Problems, Etc. :

1) The "Search" button takes whatever words are typed in the text field (just to its left), and searches for an exact match in the prayer quotes database. It then presents these quotes in a popup browser window. Search is case sensitive, for now, and only searches the whole block of characters typed in the search text box.
2) Mozilla/Firefox users : I apologize, for, I still need to figure out why this tool doesn't work for you. Please try it in Internet Explorer, to avoid problems.
3) The "Get Random Quote" button retrieves a random prayer quote from the database, and writes it into the upper text box.
4) The "Copy Quote to Quote Pad" button copies the present quote from the upper text box, and writes it into the lower text box.
5) The lower text box is completely editable. Use the browser's Edit/Copy/Cut/Paste features to rearrange your list of quotes any way you wish. Personally, I like to place quotes from God's Word, in between quotes from God's people, to make sure the focus of prayer inspiration is mostly on God's Word. You can also copy quotes from a search results popup window, into this box. However, the active links will not copy over; you will need to right click on them to copy the links over.
6) The "Display Quotes as Web" button takes the present quotes from the lower text box, and presents them in a popup browser window. To save the list, use the browser's "File | Save As" menu. To email the list to friends, use the browser's "Edit | Select All | Copy" menu, then paste into your email program body section. Keyboard shortcuts for this process would be "Ctrl-a", "Ctrl-c", then open your email application, open a new email window, then "Ctrl-v".
KNOWN PROBLEMS, and how to work around them :
(1) The first time you click the "View" or "Search" buttons, the page may not open correctly.  Simply close the page, and click the button a second time - it works in Internet Explorer, and I don't know why yet.
(2) You may see a continuous hour glass cursor, falsely indicating that the page isn't finished loading.  Just click on the browser's "stop" button, and it goes away.
(3) If you try to email the resulting page, by using Internet Explorer's "File/Send" menu, the emailed result is a page of Chinese text (Really!... go ahead and try it, it's goofy :) .  The workaround is
"Ctrl-a", "Ctrl-c", then open your email application, open a new email window, then "Ctrl-v".  In Outlook, this will also copy the links intact (others may have to right click on links, copy, and paste them to the email manually too).
(4) A few quotes appear more than once in the database, and show up as many times in the Search results window (this will take awhile to fix). If that's annoying. you can copy the whole search page, paste it into the Quote Pad area, edit out the duplicate quotes, then press the View button. You'll lose the helpful links that way, but it's the best I can suggest for now.  If you want to know how to make those lost links work, email me, and I'll give you a quick "web page link editing" lesson.
...Lastly, here are some of my favorite searches, so far :
Capitalizing to "Holy", will capture Holy Spirit related prayer quotes, whereas plain "holy" retrieves items referring to holiness + prayer
"ferven" This clever mispelling will also capture "fervently", and "fervency", as well as "fervent"

You can also search by author, such as :   


    Andrew Murray
    E. M. Bounds
    Chuck Smith
Now GO for it. 
May you be inspired to your closet...and perhaps inspire others to their closet too.